Our Canadian subsidiary Evolution Lightfield Labs Inc. is our in-house R & D facility. The team is comprised of academics, industry experts and product development specialists who all share the common goal of disrupting digital industries.

The patent portfolio of Evolution Optiks Limited relies heavily on their results.


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Whether autonomous or human operated, the  ability to provide enhanced vision information is one of the top challenges in the industry. We are working with leading OEMs in the automotive industry to supply and integrate vision correction systems within vehicles.

Consumer Solutions
irish recognition

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While we focus on the industrial, our expertise and reach also touches the consumer space.  We are working on a number of solutions that will revolutionize the way we use everyday devices.

Advertising & Media
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Our solutions rely on true 3D display concepts with no extraneous equipment for the viewer and can address both crowds and individuals within crowds for a true next-generation advertising experience. These multivision displays employ a combination of technologies including face tracking and artificial intelligence.


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Evolution Optiks is developing a family of light field based devices ranging from optometry to surgical applications. We work with top manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. While our devices embody medical innovation they are not classified as medical devices.

Military & Defense
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We are working with a number of organizations and governmental agencies to provide enhanced vision within state of the art military systems and devices. We are pursuing the application of light field capture and display to enhance situational awareness and monitoring.

in flight entertainment photo

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The solutions that we are currently working on address an improved passenger infotainment experience as well as research and innovation of next generation vision corrected flight controls and air traffic monitoring.  Light field displays are set to enable true-3D display technology and enhance situational awareness and safety.