Computational Senior Software Engineer


As a rapidly expanding technology company, Evolution Optiks R&D Inc. is seeking a senior Computational Software Engineer for our light field technology–based product suite. The candidate will be working as part of a small, dynamic team and will be responsible for architecting, designing, and developing innovative and high-performing, scalable solutions for our light field technology–based applications. The successful candidate must be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.


  • Architect, design and develop various analytical functions in our product line
  • Conduct feasibility analysis for proposed solutions
  • Develop vision processing centric software with focus on performance optimizations
  • Adapt existing real-time ray tracing code and expand it within specific use cases
  • Able to work in an IP driven ecosystem
  • Produce functional specifications and design documents


  • M.S. CS/CE/Math or Ph.D. CS/CE/Math with 5 years of software development experience preferably in a real time rendering entity, video card/controller optimizations, high end game company, or real time eye tracking use cases
    Familiar with Unity 3D, NVIDIA APIs, CAD, eye tracking and real-time vision processing techniques
  • Knowledge of real-time rendering
    Understanding of GPU architectures and graphics pipelines (hardware related & performance related)
  • Strong knowledge of programming techniques
    Experience in related math for graphics and other visual paradigms
  • Self-starter, analytical, problem solver
  • Attention to detail with focus on robustness, scalability and quality of products
  • Coordinating with a team of diverse backgrounds and able to understand and integrate new technologies
  • Passion for working with technology and excitement for creating high quality consumer or enterprise technology products


  • Experience in NVIDIA OptiX, DirectX/DirectX-Compute
  • Developing this type of code for mobile devices
  • Some understanding of Microsoft’s DXR and NVIDIA vkRT (Vulkan Ray-Tracing extension from NVIDIA)
  • Some artistic skill or interest in aesthetic images
  • AI, deep learning conceptual or coding level understanding (AWS, PyTorch, Tensor Flow)


  • This position is located in Montreal, Canada.
  • Competitive compensation and commensurate with experience
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience suggested, preferably in a commercial oriented design and volume manufacture entity


Raul Mihali
(203) 981-5480

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About Evolution Optiks R&D Inc.

Evolution Optiks R&D Inc. is a technology company that is on a mission to become the leader in the emerging light field market. One of our core products focuses on digital vision correction solutions, allowing users to use digital devices without prescription eyewear. While work to date has been dedicated mostly to this purpose, we have a number of light field technology–based products in progress that rely on a diversified portfolio of intellectual property and talent.

Working with Evolution Optiks R&D Inc. means that you will become part of a well capitalized team that operates on the cutting edge of display technologies. You will work with some of the largest OEM companies to help bring our solutions to market. Our work environment is highly agile and welcomes adaptive, critical thinkers who can drive value through a hands-on approach. Your decisions will have a direct impact on the company’s direction and future.