Evolution Optiks At a Glance

Light field technology is an emerging technology with immense potential to shape how we see and interact with the world. While there are numerous entities who have embarked on light field endeavours, Evolution Optiks has unique advantages that set it apart in the competitive landscape:

  • Positioned to target early adopters
  • Platform-as-a-Service
  • Customer-centric products
  • Subscription-based model
  • Clearly defined near-term commercial agenda
  • Exceptional team

First mover advantage

We recognized the immense opportunities involving light field technology early on, which gave us a years-long head start in research and development.

Platform-as-a-Service mindset

By opening up our cloud-based platform to the development community and allowing to develop, run, and manage applications within the Evolution Optiks Vision Ecosystem, we stay more open to innovation and are better able to keep pace with the rapidly evolving science of light field technology.

Customer-centric products and features

While we are scientists to the core, we know that a technology has to have widespread, real-world applications to be truly revolutionary. With vision correction for your devices at the centre of Evolution Optiks’ business model, our core offerings have the potential to make life easier for nearly four billion people.

Subscription-based model for pricing flexibility

By using a subscription-based model, we can reduce the financial barriers for businesses and organizations looking to implement device correction, multi-view displays and light field technology.

Clearly defined near-term commercial agenda

Our first mover advantage and head start in research and development has also given us the ability to focus on getting our finished products and services to market in the very near future.

Exceptional team and technological advantage

Our diverse, multi-disciplinary team of scientists, development specialists and industry experts pride themselves on their ability to be at the forefront of developments in their respective fields. This keeps our team firmly in place as leaders in light field technology.


Key Management

Raul Mihali

President & CEO

Raul has over 20 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and interdisciplinary technologist. He has been instrumental in a number of technology companies, including two that have IPO-ed on NASDAQ. Most recently, he has played essential roles in helping companies like GE, IBM and UTC commercialize R&D technologies.

Andreas Kusay


Andreas has an extensive career in insurance that has included roles with Swiss Re management and as the President & CEO director of all Manulife Financial operations in Barbados. He is also the Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany in Barbados.

Manoj Karnani


Manoj’s career has included roles in financial services, auditing and business advisor services at Aliseo Reinsurance SCC and Global International Reinsurance Company.

Joseph Etigson

Intellectual Property Counsel

Joe has over thirty years of experience in intellectual property law. He was a name partner of a boutique intellectual property law firm; specialized in commercializing intellectual property at a Bay Street law firm; and acted as litigation counsel with one of Canada’s leading intellectual property and technology law & patent agency firms.

Board of Directors

Andreas Kusay

Andreas has had an extensive career in the insurance space, including roles within Swiss Re management and as the resident President & CEO director of all Manulife Financial operations in Barbados. He is also the Honorary Consul Of The Federal Republic Of Germany in Barbados.

Loudon Owen

Loudon Owen is a venture capitalist, international businessman, and lawyer. His career has spanned more than 25 years, during which he has both led and actively participated in the growth of a host of successful businesses.

Daniel Nikles

Daniel Nikles is an entrepreneurial executive with a distinct talent for building greenfield operations and introducing products and services to new markets to create strong returns. His diverse background – both as an international insurance executive and market leader for a major manufacturer of luxury shower equipment – provides him with a wealth of management skills, as well as excellent sales and marketing expertise.

Berthold Ocker

Berthold Ocker has more than 25 years of experience in vacuum deposition technology and brings an advanced understanding of physics as well as technology research and development to the board.

Bernell Arrindell

Ben is the Deputy Chairman and International Tax Consultant at Cidel Bank and Trust Inc and is responsible for business development in the Latin American and Canadian markets, advising clients of the bank, mainly multinationals, on their international tax planning strategies.

Volker Weisbrodt

Volker Weisbrodt is a senior executive who has had a long-standing and successful career in insurance and reinsurance. He brings extensive management and operational expertise to our board.