Vision Ecosystem

Evolution Optiks branded vision ecosystem allows each customer to carry their unique visual acuity securely to digital devices, screens and vehicles.

Auto-adjusting Screens

In our vision ecosystem, we are currently addressing three primary categories:

1 Vision Correction

Vision correction for your devices is the core of Evolution Optiks’s mission. Eye-tracking cameras and specialized displays allow our ecosystem to provide real-time control of rays of light in order to refocus the image on the correct spot in the eye. This allows us to provide an in-focus image to the device user that corrects for their particular visual acuity issue without the need for reading glasses.

Multiview Displays

There will soon be a user expectation for displays to show multiple content sources simultaneously. Whether it’s in an airport, on the streets, or in stores, we are making this happen. Multiview displays allow organizations to display information to their users and customers in real time in a cost-effective way without creating crowding and legibility issues.

Light Field Display

The true extent of what light field technology can do for display industries is yet to be revealed, but Evolution Optiks is poised to be a pioneer in this area as well. Light field technology is an emerging field that has tremendous potential to render natural-looking vision-corrected displays but also change how light is being guided and therefore perceived overall.

Find out more about the potential applications for light field technology here.

Cloud-based Integration

Our cloud-based, platform-as-a-service approach allows customers to develop, run, and manage applications within the Evolution Optiks Vision Ecosystem.